Easy Fast Loans In The UK

Your personal circumstances affect the rate we can offer you which may differ from the representative APR. We will do a credit assessment of your circumstances when you apply. Credit available subject to status to UK residents aged 21 years and over. You can apply for a loan if you have a regular gross annual income of at least £6,000 and have not been declared bankrupt or had a CCJ or an IVA within the last 6 years. We reserve the right to refuse any application and to refuse a loan for certain purposes. Information and rates correct as at 10.07.2018. Repayments must be made by Direct Debit. Rates may be withdrawn at any time.

When a credit card’s better than a loan

The most important factor here is your credit limit. Credit cards won’t usually give you more than £5,000, and that’s provided that you have a good credit score. So if what you need to buy is more expensive, you’re probably better off looking for a £5,000

But, if you can buy whatever it is for £5,000 or less, you have several other options. See if any of these scenarios fit you…

Personal loans, also known as unsecured loans, are where you borrow a fixed amount from a lender, and agree to pay it back over a set time period paying fixed monthly repayments.

The lender will charge you interest as its fee to lend money to you, so you repay both the amount you borrowed plus interest. The advantage is that you get cash upfront, but are able to spread the cost of a purchase over several months or years.

This guide tells you the cheapest personal loans, but also addresses whether other finance options might be cheaper for you.

If you’re looking for a loan, check out the best buy rates below. We list loans by ‘bands’ as the rate you could get differs depending on how much you want to borrow. Plus, if you want to find out which loans you’ll get, without applying, use our eligibility calculator to see your chances.

The best buys are below, but there’s the chance to undercut some of these rates by 0.5 percentage points if you’re a Nationwide current account customer (or you successfully apply for one of their accounts). Read a full nation wide how to