5 Biggest Challenges of a first time home buyers in Seattle in 2020 

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Seattle is one of the most beautiful places to live in. Here, most of the time, the real estate market does well due to stable economic condition and productivity. If you are thinking about buying a new home in Seattle, then you have to go through the five biggest challenges that we have mentioned below- So, let’s get started.

Challenge in scarifying the lifestyle:

Buying a home is a huge investment. Even, you take the loan for the home; you need to save some part of the income for the down payment. While saving for a down payment, you have to decrease your expenses like no weekend party, no unnecessary shopping, think twice before investing in the investment for a long-term and so forth. If you are mentally stable for scarifying your lifestyle for some time, then you can easily save money for the down payment.


Affordability is the biggest challenge you will face for the first time buyers. It would help if you looked at the areas you want to live in rather than areas they can afford to live in in which can draw out the process. Starts by researching the median housing prices. Your down payment must be 20% of your loan, so if you can save 20% of your loan amount, then avail the loan. You can also use the affordability calculator, which gives you a clear idea how much home price you can afford.

Knowledge  of the real estate market:

Not all home buyers are good real estate marketer. So, they don’t know which property is the best to buy and give them a better return of the investment. Due to lack of knowledge, they purchase the property, which is not likely to seem fruitful in the future. But, you can overcome this challenge by hiring a real estate agent, who will help you to get the best property that perfectly suits your needs and budget. A renowned and reputed Seattle mortgage lender could definitely offer you the home loan at the best interest rates with the flexibility of repaying the loan.

Low credit score:

If your credit score is not good, then it is very difficult for you to take the loan at the lowest interest rates. Most of the lenders are likely to offer you the loan at the lowest interest if your credit score lies between 650 to 750. So, before availing the request for the loan, you need to improve your credit score first. There are so many mortgage companies near me in Seattle, which offer you the home loan without considering your credit score, but they apply high-interest rates to offset the risk of losing money.

Knowledge of the process:

Now you are done with your finance. And you know exactly where you want to buy. Then the next challenge comes across you is the process of buying a home. Right from choosing the best mortgage lender, submitting documents to deciding the EMI, it is very difficult to sort out these processes. At that point, it is advisable to hire the mortgage broker, who will help you in the sanctioning loan process.

Don’t let the challenges ruin your home process. With a little preparation, you can handle the challenges mentioned above. If you are unable to sort out these challenges alone, you can take the expert help like real estate agent, financial advisor or mortgage broker. Their responsibility is to offer you the best property at the lowest interest rates without disturbing your finance.

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