Do you have the money to set aside for unexpected future use? There are many ways in which you can plan ahead. Today’s topic involves a few of these helpful tips, regardless of your situation.

  • Do you own a home? You should consider investing in future value, especially if you plan on living there for a long time. Housing repairs can instantly add value to your home. Every month you pay rent or a mortgage you are contributing to the lifespan of your home.
  • What happens if one of your family members is involved in drugs and alcohol? You will need some money to pay for their treatment if they decide to go. Treatment is expensive depending on where you go and how long you stay. What happens once they get out of rehab? They will begin life over again. You will need to help them figure out what to do financially.
  • What about your food bill? What happens if something were to happen where you cannot buy the food you once did? You will need to come up with some financial plan to get you through the lean years.

Write down what you buy now. The total you arrive at is the money you need to set aside for the unexpected. We are not saying that something will happen, but it is good to be prepared in case it does click here.

You can also use coupons more often.

Caroline: Coupons? Coupons? I did not know you used coupons.

Max: Yeah!? Why are you looking at me like I am on “Too Catch A Predator?!

Two Broke Girls

Get in the habit of clipping and saving. You may also want to reduce the times you eat out. We know that “eating out” is the in-thing to do, but you can learn to make your meals at home. It reduces the money you spend every month. Plus, it is also healthier for you.

Need more information on how to save pennies for a rainy day?

  • Do you have a good credit score? You may want to visit that discussion now. Paying down your current debt will reduce the chances you have more to pay later. What happens if you are unemployed? What happens if you run into an unexpected health crisis where you need money? You could be denied a loan due to your credit score.
  • Do you have problems with paying down your current debt? You can visit for more details. You should never wait to pay down debt in full. The longer you let it go, the higher the interest you will have. I speak from personal experience.
  • The extra expenses you have in the house will add up. Learn to buy in bulk, if you can. Do you own a vehicle? Invest in the right insurance for protection.

The right insurance will save you hundreds of thousands later.


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