Five Reasons Why You Should Use Recruitment Agencies


Staffing agencies are on the rise despite the increasing number of job boards, connectivity of social networks, and growing competition from internal recruitment teams. Using a recruiter is efficient, cost-effective and typically leads to better outcomes for everyone. Finding a job or candidate with a company like Hire Authority takes away the headaches of hunting and hiring. The following are six reasons why you need to use recruitment agencies.


Time Is Money – Finding the right job or hiring the right candidate is downright time consuming. On average, employers spend approximately 38 hours hiring an employee from time spent posting on job boards to those final reference calls and background checks. Recruiters often go to great lengths to pre-screen all of their candidates by performing criminal record checks, verifying credentials, and calling references.


Great Recruiters Are Hiring Experts – Many businesses don’t have their own human resources department, making hiring decisions more burdensome for business owners and other staff. Recruiters know the ins and outs of selecting the right candidate. They have access to larger talent pools and know how to find the right person for the job. For this reason alone, even large companies with robust human resources professionals still reach out to recruiters to source talent.


No One Wants To Be Unhappy With Their Work Situation – The relationship between an employer and an employee has the potential to create misery or harmony. Oftentimes an employee may find themselves settling for their first job offer out of necessity and pressure. Likewise, an employer may not hire the best person for the job for similar reasons. Using a staffing agency can save a lot of disappointment on both sides. Recruitment agencies act as matchmakers between employees and employers. The better the fit, the better the outcome. Workplace happiness reduces turnover, absenteeism and the associated costs.


Staffing Agencies Add Flexibility To The Workplace. There are many scenarios that create a temporary need to fill a position: maternity leave, sick leave, vacation time, rapid growth, or employee resignation. With a trusted placement agency, employers do not need to panic about holes in their workforce. For employees, it adds peace of mind knowing they can take their maternity leave or a vacation without having to worry as much about work. Additionally, adding more employees to the team during busy periods can reduce staff burn out, improve business performance, and increase productivity.


With A Staffing Agency, You Get To Try Before You Hire – The people that may have been brought on to temporarily fill a position may ultimately prove to be a great fit. This is great for both an employer and an employee, the employee gets to try out the work environment and the employer gets to see the candidate in action. Many aspects of work are not apparent during the interview process and only reveal themselves through work itself. Temporary placements serve as a great opportunity for anyone seeking a job, especially new graduates. Getting hired for a temporary position can act as a foot in the door that the candidate may not have gotten had they been applying for a permanent position.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that many staffing agencies even specialize in a particular niche such as dental, sales, or events. For example, you may find jobs with Hire Authority, who focuses exclusively on placements in the manufacturing sector. Having a narrower focus enables recruiters to develop an in-depth, intimate knowledge of that particular job market and the needs of both the employers and employees within it. Finding a job or candidate with such companies leads to happier companies and employees.


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