The much-awaited secrets of selling your home – Trying the correct approach


If you thought that the peak homebuying season is going to last for a while, you were mistaken. It might soon be over leaving you wondering why you didn’t take a quick step to sell off your home and make a good deal. Although the peak season of selling and buying homes can get over, yet there are few steps that you can take to make sure you go through a speedy sale of your home. Making the best first impression and deciding on the right price are two of the main steps that will attract buyers. But is that the only two things that you can do? Besides these, here are few more things that you can do to ensure a successful and speedy sale.

#1: Decide on the right price

Just as you consider your home affordability when you go to buy a new house, similarly when you sell it off, you have to price it right. The first thing to do is to find out the worth of your home and then cut down 15-20% from the price. Even when the markets are worst, you will still be stampeded by the potential buyers with numerous bids. Though this takes enough courage and majority of the sellers don’t wish to risk it but at the same time this is one of the best strategies to adopt for selling a home.

#2: Closets should be half-emptied

Storage is the ultimate thing that majority of the potential buyers will check when they come to visit your house. Buyers never seem to get enough of it, no matter how much space you offer them. So, all you need to do is take out half of the stuff from your closets and organize the rest of it neatly. Keep them tidy and clean as buyers will snoop in for sure.

#3: Light up the rooms in the best way

When you offer you home for sale, you should be careful about the lighting of your rooms. Soon after the location of your house, if there’s anything that the buyers look for, it is good light. Clean off the windows, remove the drapes, boost the wattage of your bulbs and lights, change or clean the lampshades and chop off the overgrown bushes outside to let in more light. Do whatever little you can do to make your house cheery and bright.

#4: De-personalize your house

One of the most vital things to do while selling off your house is to take out the ‘home’ from your ‘house’. If you fill up your home with too much personal stuff, buyers won’t be able to visualize themselves living there. Third of your personal stuff should be dumped inside the storage and this includes personal keepsakes, family pictures and memorable collections.

To conclude, once you complete a sale, start thinking again about getting a new mortgage for your second home and how you could pay it off early. Don’t make mistakes while paying which can tarnish your credit score.


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