After careful research, we were amazed at this really interesting strategy. We analyze this strategy to avoid future problems.

This new earning opportunity that is starting to get talked about.

What is Quantic Rs?

We report it directly from their website

“Quantic RS is a team of professional traders and software developers with over 5 years of experience in Forex and in the programming of systems based on artificial intelligence.

Gravity is an Automatic Trading System based on classic indicators combined with constantly updated digital filters. It is able to operate on news with a high economic impact through an artificial intelligence system based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) that frequently scans the tweets of the major political influencers, quickly intercepting important news that allow us to predict the direction of the market short-term with a 95% probability.

How do you earn Quantic Rs?

Quantic Rs tends to avoid the problems that generally arise in classic trading strategies. The Quantic Rs algorithm carries out operations based on speed, scanning market news and other complex variables that occur on currencies. Whether there is a crisis or not, the software records constant profits over time while maintaining an extremely low and controlled risk with various security measures to protect the capital. They earn from a % of the profit generated from its clients, called performance fee. Therefore, the intent is to generate profits for users in order to earn their share. We really appreciate a very low drawdown in order not to expose the strategy to too much risk.

Quantic Rs: Track Record on FxBlue! What is FxBlue?

It is the best online analytical tool that supports hundreds of brokers allowing you to track, certify, analyze transactions and share their trading activities. Today it is the most authoritative and important site in the trading sector.

We consulted Quantic Rs FxBlue

Trade on the following currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, NZD / USD, USD / CAD. Max Drawdown of 6%, monthly profits from envy, certified history starting from 2019.

We admit it: really good results!

Watch Quantic Rs FxBlue:

How to sign up for Quantic Rs?

The registration procedure is very simple, fast and moreover it is free. The steps to follow are:

  1. Registration with the broker;
  2. Make the deposit;
  3. Connect to the strategy;
  4. Withdraw profits whenever you want.

Minimum deposit: 1000 €

Quantic Rs is a scam or is it legit?

Quantic Rs is a system that stands out from the others, but in a positive way. It does not promise exorbitant earnings but still really interesting and stable. This, compared to many “ponzi systems” that present themselves only with promises and many lies, gives us greater confidence, primarily thanks to the FxBlue Track Record which certifies the real operation of the software in previous years, which is fundamental in the sector. The profits derive from the Forex market, which has daily volumes of over 5 trillion dollars.

It is the most liquid market in the world, so everything is absolutely sustainable.

Of course, we can’t guarantee anything in this area, but it seems like a great service to diversify your investments.

Can you really automate your earnings with trading?

Mainly, people’s distrust of software that allows you to do automatic trading consists in thinking that it is almost impossible to make money without lifting a finger. As a result, they believe that all robots are unreliable.

We cannot deny that unfortunately there are trading software (expert Advisors) that are not efficient or too difficult to use, but in the case of Quantic Rs we can say that the data are very positive as we have something concrete to rely on.

Of course, by leaving our money in the bank we have a certainty: it will not yield us gains, but every year we will lose purchasing power due to the devaluation of money caused from the inflation.

How much can you earn with Quantic Rs?

Log into their website and use their Profit Calculator to create your own income plan.

Final opinions

Artificial intelligence is now a reality in various sectors, from cars to medicine, home automation and much more. In the financial markets it has been on the agenda for over 10 years and every year more and more sophisticated and precise systems come out.

It is up to us to identify them. As for Quantic Rs, we can rely on real data and the results are really good. If you are looking for something fully automatic or want to diversify your investment capital, this strategy may be for you.

We believe it is an excellent service to be able to obtain stable earnings over time.

The evaluation is overall extremely positive and there is also a very interesting referral plan for those who want to make this system known to third parties. To find out more, visit the Quantic Rs website or access their Italian channel

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