Choosing a major can be a tough decision, one that could set the course for the rest of your life once you graduate from college.

One of the most useful degrees that many students pursue is an accounting degree. While you can learn how to become an accountant here, this degree can also prepare you for a career in a wide range of industries.

You have to love working with money and enjoy everything related to finance, but you don’t necessarily have to work in a finance-based industry. There are plenty of graduates who enter fields such as law and entertainment even after they get their accounting degree.

Another benefit of pursuing a degree in accounting is that you have more than a few from which to choose and the type you earn can help open many doors to you when you enter the workforce. Though many employers will expect you to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree when you apply for a position with their company, some firms and corporations have higher standards for educational background and specialized training. So, in order to answer the question as to whether or not you should get an accounting degree, it all depends on the type of job you want and the amount of specialty training required in order to get that job.

Bachelor’s Degree

Entering a prestigious bachelor’s program like the one offered at the University of Oregon can give you the basic fundamental knowledge you’ll need to get hired once you graduate. This is typically a four-year program where you are taught accounting, business, and general education courses where you must complete a minimum of 120 hours of course work. Some programs of this nature can be finished in five years instead of four to get additional training for consultation work, financial planning, and accounting jobs in a variety of fields.

Master’s Degree

Many students will pursue a master’s degree because it can provide a greater level of knowledge that you can call upon to find a good job. It’s also a great way to get that specialized training to help you secure employment in a particular field. Taking Maryville’s master of science in accounting offers a much more comprehensive education than a typical bachelor’s or even a typical master’s degree can give you.

Associate’s Degree

Going with an associate’s degree will get you some of the basics necessary for an accounting career, but you may find your employment options limited. This is a good degree for finding work in an accounting office or as a bookkeeper in a large firm, entry-level positions to get you in the door and allow you to work your way up. It’s usually offered in a two-year program and is a useful prerequisite for pursuing a bachelor’s degree later on.

Master’s Business Administration Degree

An MBA degree is beneficial for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The course will give you all of the preparation you need to pass the CPA exam and it usually requires 150 credit hours. Some states provide various rules and regulations to getting certified so check your local laws to ensure you enter the proper program.

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