Tax time always makes us reflect how what we have done. If that reflection leaves you with questions, then it is time to consider working for yourself. People who work for themselves look forward to tax time. Why? Because we plan all year to be rewarded come tax time.

We have changed our lives from waiting to see what is going to happen to us, to pursuing accomplishments. During times of transition, it is not “business as usual”. If your company is being downsized or merged, your responsibilities take on a new dimension. That change moves you to a survival mentality.

A self employed home-based business requires flexibility and adaptability. The secret is not to brace your self for change, but rather to roll with the flow. It will be the greatest learning experience since you first entered school.

The most common responses to a life crisis are:

o Denial- burying one’s head in the sand hoping the problem will somehow mysteriously disappear.

o Resistance – fighting what has or is happening in a futile effort to turn back the clock or maintain the status quo.

o Acceptance – not liking the situation but fully acknowledging its reality and be willing to deal with the truth.

The renewal process will make you an agent of change. You begin to manage your future, your life, and your income. Self employed people have increased flexibility and lower levels of stress. What a tremendous advantage! Have the courage to take a positive attitude towards life.

What are the biggest challenges to starting a business?

Ø Having to learn everything FAST!

Ø Time management. Everyone is vying for your attention at the same time. Just because something is urgent does not mean it is important.

Ø Maintaining balance. Remember that the most important aspect of your business is you. So take good care of you!

What are the biggest advantages of home-based businesses?

Ø Small initial investment.

Ø Support in the areas of marketing and organizing.

Ø The savings in commuting!

This article is about changing times and new possibilities. You can structure your life to in fact make as much money as you desire to pursue. Being self employed has allowed my wife & I to attend every family function, see the country and abroad, and earn a great income. Tupperware is one example of home based business that has provided a great life for many people.

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